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Boys 16 Bike

boys 16 bike

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-Attempted Bike Jacking-

-Attempted Bike Jacking-

I have probably passed through this intersection thousands of times (literally), and now it will be forever tainted.

Yesterday on the heels of another riverbend farm/century ride, I was biking back from the birchwood with 4 gallons of local maple syrup and 15# of fish/ice from Coastal. In total I was probably weighted down by a good 75 pounds, not to mention the heaviness of the xtracycle or all of my tools. About 1/8th mile from this crossing I had to slam on my brakes quick like as a group of teenage boys decide to walk obliviously right in front of me on the trail. I give a quick 'be careful' which I guess was seen as hostile.

One of the kids starts running after me, I didn't have much pep in my legs hauling around that much of a load and the fatigue was still apparent from the 100 mile day previous. I was lucky enough to get a slight downhill, where I was able to make a quick get away.

This is the point where I get to this intersection. I figured they would lose interest in me and move on, instead the whole lot of them (5-6 teenagers) decide to chase after me. I had the bad luck of being stopped at this light while cars zipped by at 40-50 mph. Making a hasty sprint across would have gotten me killed. I was at least able to get to the first island before they caught up with me. I would have really liked to have cross that street, even with all the weight I could have dropped them on the flat land. They were all on magnas or other equally crappy department store bikes. The xtracycle is fast, and with just a touch under 1000 miles for the month of June, I ain't much of a slouch myself.

The kid who was chasing me down starts at this point screaming at me about how he was going to kick my ass, of course backed up by his band of hoodlums. Not wanting to start a fight, I just apologize and say I didn't mean to offend him, last thing I want to do is fight a group of 15-16 year old boys on the side of the highway. 2-3 minutes of verbal assaulting pass and the same kid then tells me to give him my bike.

"Give me your fucking bike!"

Shouted at me 10 or so times, each one answered with a stern "NO!"

There was no way in hell I was going to let some little shit steal my bike and 200+ dollars worth of product. It was at this time that I noticed a little gap in the traffic, I still didn't have the right of way, but it didn't matter. Another kid kept ramming the back of my bike while the alpha male was shouting at me. I sprinted best I could so encumbered, it felt like one of those dreams where you are being chased and no matter how hard you try you cannot run fast enough.

My saving grace came in the form of a SUV who was watching the whole scene unraveled why they were waiting at the light. When a couple of the kids started to chase me once again, the SUV lunged forward and and honked their horn at the would be assailants, providing me with the precious seconds I needed to keep my dignity intact.

I have to give big kudos to the driver and the cyclist who caught up with me later to let me know that he had my back if anything were to have gone down.

This intersection is cursed I tell you... Isn't this where Zito was hit a while back?

my little bro

my little bro

He's 16 years old, training hard.

I'm proud of him, not having too funny stuff in his mind. ;)

boys 16 bike

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