City Commuter Bikes. Frame Bike Bag

City Commuter Bikes

city commuter bikes

  • a passenger train that is ridden primarily by passengers who travel regularly from one place to another

  • (commute) a regular journey of some distance to and from your place of work; "there is standing room only on the high-speed commute"

  • A person who travels some distance to work on a regular basis

  • someone who travels regularly from home in a suburb to work in a city

  • (bike) motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • (bike) bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • (bike) bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • An incorporated municipal center

  • people living in a large densely populated municipality; "the city voted for Republicans in 1994"

  • a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts; "Ancient Troy was a great city"

  • an incorporated administrative district established by state charter; "the city raised the tax rate"

  • A large town

  • A place or situation characterized by a specified attribute



Racked Commuter Bikes available all over Barcelona

This Commuter Bike system was made in conjuction with ClearChannel. The same Company whose radio station disc jockeys advocated violence on cyclists.

Clear Channel’s SmartBike is the pioneer system in the world of sharing bicycles as an addition to urban public transport networks. In 1997 in Rennes, France, Clear Channel implemented for the first time its SmartBike system to offer a sustainable solution to the problems related to traffic in the city. Since then, thanks to its success and positive reception, some of the most important capitals and cities around the world, like Washington, Oslo, Stockholm, San Francisco or Barcelona, have integrated SmartBike into their transportation network, making it a distinctive element of the city.

City bike: Motobacone

City bike: Motobacone

I love checking out the variety of city bikes. Most of them are personalized. All of them say something about the owner.

This is an old steel Motobecane with nice lugs, one of the original caliper brakes, and fenders cut short. I think the rain would go right into those spaces where the fender's been cut, so I'm not sure why they're cut.

It's now set up as a single speed with one brake.

city commuter bikes

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Dynamo Bike Light : Motor Powered Bicycle.

Dynamo Bike Light

dynamo bike light

  • A machine for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy; a generator

  • An extremely energetic person

  • generator consisting of a coil (the armature) that rotates between the poles of an electromagnet (the field magnet) causing a current to flow in the armature

  • A dynamo, originally another name for an electrical generator, now means a generator that produces direct current with the use of a commutator.

  • Dynamo is an album recorded by Argentine Rock band Soda Stereo. It is their seventh full-length album and it was first released by CBS in Argentina in 1992.

  • make lighter or brighter; "This lamp lightens the room a bit"

  • lightly: with few burdens; "experienced travellers travel light"

  • (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation; "the light was filtered through a soft glass window"

  • Provide with light or lighting; illuminate

  • Switch on (an electric light)

  • Become illuminated


  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

dynamo bike light - SpinPOWER S1

SpinPOWER S1 Smartphone Bicycle USB Charger KIT

SpinPOWER S1 Smartphone Bicycle USB Charger KIT

Whether you cycle to work, for fitness, or pleasure, SpinPOWER S1 is the ideal bike accessory or gift for any cyclist. SpinPOWER S1 is bicycle-powered battery charger kit that offers the efficient and fun way to charge your mobile devices while bicycling. There are many fun activities to enjoy with smartphone on your bike - listening to MP3, running Apps, using GPS, logging stats, or simply making and receiving calls on your phone. Charging your Smartphone while cycling allows for the uninterrupted smartphone use without the inconvenience of its battery running out. No electricity is required to charge your phone during the ride - SpinPOWER S1 Kit uses your own pedal power to power up your smartphone. SpinPOWER S1 is compatible with most Smartphones, PDAs, and handhelds such as HTC, LG, Blackberry, Droids, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola. This eco-friendly bicycle dynamo charger kit can also charge many other USB-chargeable devices such as bike lights and mp3 players. Each kit includes all necessary components and wiring - bicycle USB charger, dynamo power generator, universal bicycle cell phone holder, and all required mounting brackets and connectors. SpinPOWER S1 bicycle USB charger kit is easy to attach, simple to use, and does not require any retrofitting to your bicycle or wheel spokes. It is ideal for use during both the short cycle journeys and the longer cycle trips.

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Bottle dynamo wire entrance

Bottle dynamo wire entrance

Knob at bottom of dynamo opens up like this. One wire connects to the head light lamp. The other used to connect to a tail light, but it is cut a bit further down (you can't see). My bike's tail light was removed before I ever saw it, unfortunately. Important: neither wire is used to ground the circuit! The headlight lamp itself serves a ground by touching the base of the lightbulb to a metal plate, which connects to the rest of the lamp, which connects to the bike frame.

Hub dynamo

Hub dynamo

HB-NX22 hub dynamo with Dlumotec Oval, bought in Drake's closing sale.
It was mounted on this fork for demonstration purposes. I'm not using the Shimano auto switch, it proved unreliable.

dynamo bike light

dynamo bike light

Supernova E3 PRO Dynamo Light with Lefty Mount: Glare Free; Black

Supernova E3 Pro Dynamo Lights are available with 3 mounting options and 2 types of lens.
LED headlight with 275 lumen output measured at 33'
Wiring included, powered by standard dynamos (dynamo not included)
Internal capacitor provides 5-minute run time while sitting still
Symmetrical lens provides a narrowly focused beam center, with a far-reaching high beam, with very good illumination of road signs (works well for long-distance road riding, 24-hour road racing and cyclocross training)
Glare-free lens provides a very wide, homogeneous carpet of light on the ground, even at low speeds (works well in city traffic, 24-hour MTB racing, and road bike training)
AL-6061 case, 120g
Lefty mount is a fixed-height arm, ideal for use with disc brakes (mounts to hole in fork crown)
Multimount is a versatile dual-pivot, height-adjustable arm that mounts to hole in fork crown
Handlebar mount is ideal for off-road riding and 24-hour races with clamp to fit 31.8mm bars (25.4/26.0mm clamp available separately)
Item Specifications

Item Code: 100054313

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Kettler Dumbo Bike : Park Bike Stand.

Kettler Dumbo Bike

kettler dumbo bike

  • Kettler (Heinz Kettler GmbH & Co. KG) is a German company based in Ense-Parsit. The company produces bicycles, riding toys, leisure gear, patio furniture and exercise equipment.

  • A stupid person

  • DUMBO, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a neighborhood in the New York City, New York, borough of Brooklyn.

  • Dumbo was the code name used by the United States Navy during the 1940s and 1950s to signify search and rescue missions, conducted in conjunction with military operations, by long-range aircraft flying over the ocean.

  • Dumbo is a 1941 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and released on October 23, 1941, by RKO Radio Pictures.

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

kettler dumbo bike - Kiddi-o by

Kiddi-o by Kettler Air Tire Junior Trike

Kiddi-o by Kettler Air Tire Junior Trike

Kettler Kiddi-o Tricycle. This Kiddi-o trike is equipped with many unique and patented features. The Kiddi-o Tricycle is perfectly designed according to the childrens anatomic roadmap of motor skills. The Kiddi-o Tricycle has a 4 position telescoping frame. Pneumatic tubeless air tires on sealed ball bearings. Oversized slip resistant pedals. 4 position adjustable ergonomic high back seat with hand hold. Synthetic MaxXtread wheel. Patented limited turn radius steering device and low center of gravity helps prevent tipping. Removable rear bucket dumps easily. High carbon steel frame with fade resistant powder coat finish. Push bar included. Recommended ages are 2 - 5. Setup Dimensions: 22" L x 21" W x 22" H Setup Weight 22 lbs.

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Up Close at Kettler!

Up Close at Kettler!

Washington Capitals Scrimmage at Kettler Capital Iceplex atop the Ballston Mall Parking Garage in Arlington Virginia on Monday September 20th 2010.

Kettler Elementary School, 3-13-05

Kettler Elementary School, 3-13-05

I spent several years attending William E. Kettler Elementary School, in Huntington Beach. The school is now closed.

kettler dumbo bike

kettler dumbo bike

Kettler Kettrike Oceana Tricycle

Perfect for beginners! Steering and peddling becomes a breeze on the Kettrike Oceana trike.
5-position Quick-Adjust easy step-through S-frame design
4-position adjustable ergonomic high-back seat with hand hold
High carbon steel frame with fade-resistant polyester powder coat finish
Parental control steering device
Limited turn radius steering device and low center of gravity to help prevent tipping
Synthetic MaxXtread tires for a smooth and quiet ride
Oversided slip resistant pedals
Tandem aptable
Measures 21"H x 25"W

Let little Henry accompany you down the street with the Kettrike Oceana tricycle from Kettler. Sporting a five-position Quick-Adjust frame with an easy step-through S-frame design, the trike starts small but can grow in small increments right along with your child (within reason, of course). The trike's synthetic MaxXtread tires, meanwhile, roll smoothly down the street to create a quiet, stress-free ride. Perhaps the coolest feature for parents, however, is the parental control steering lock system, which locks the handlebars in place when you're using the pushbar.
The trike also enhances your child's safety by offering a low center of gravity and a device that limits the turn radius, which helps prevent your child from careening out of control or tipping around a corner. Other details include a four-position, adjustable, ergonomic high-back seat with a handhold; a high carbon-steel frame with a fade-resistant polyester powder-coated finish; and oversized, slip-resistant pedals. Tandem adaptable, the Oceana measures 25 inches wide by 21 inches tall.

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Lowrider bikes shops - Dirt bike hydraulic clutch.

Lowrider Bikes Shops

lowrider bikes shops

  • A customized vehicle with hydraulic jacks that allow the chassis to be lowered nearly to the road

  • [[File:Solo s 48 Fleetline.jpg|right|thumb|245px|1948 Chevrolet Fleetline "Bomb" from the ]]

  • The Lowrider Band consists of four of the five surviving original core group members of the multi-platinum selling band War: Howard E. Scott, B.B. Dickerson, Lee Oskar, and Harold Brown.

  • Lowrider is an Australian hip hop soul band, formed in 2004 when brothers John (keyboard and Rhodes) and Paul Bartlett (drums) joined with bassist Scott Duncan and singer Joseph Braithwaite.

  • (bike) bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • (bike) motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • (bike) bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • A building or part of a building where goods or services are sold; a store

  • (shop) patronize: do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of

  • An act of going shopping

  • (shop) a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"

  • A place where things are manufactured or repaired; a workshop

  • (shop) do one's shopping; "She goes shopping every Friday"

lowrider3 (edited)

lowrider3 (edited)

A lowrider bike capture in a bicycle shop in Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia. Shot using Olympus OM-1 + Illford Delta 100 Professional. Developed in Illford LC29 Developer and Fixed in Illford Rapid Fixer. Scanned from negatives in Canon 4400f flatbed scanner.

030200 7214 12 / Chromed low-rider bike

030200 7214 12 / Chromed low-rider bike

Chromed low-rider bike, Melrose Ave shop window. Los Angeles, CA.

lowrider bikes shops

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Mountain bike mania : X22 super pocket bike : Road bike chain lube.

Mountain Bike Mania

mountain bike mania

    mountain bike
  • A bicycle with a light sturdy frame, broad deep-treaded tires, and multiple gears, originally designed for riding on mountainous terrain

  • a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires; originally designed for riding in mountainous country

  • (Mountain biking) Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.

  • (Mountain Biking) A designated, rugged, natural surfaced, single track trail that offers a range of riding opportunities.

  • an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action

  • (maniac) lunatic: an insane person

  • Mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and overactivity

  • An excessive enthusiasm or desire; an obsession

  • a mood disorder; an affective disorder in which the victim tends to respond excessively and sometimes violently

mountain bike mania - SideXSide Mania

SideXSide Mania DVD

SideXSide Mania DVD

SideXSide Mania is about the baddest UTV's in the world and the pilots that drive them. See TMW Offroad build the "Ultimate RZR" with and MCXpress Turbo and suspension by Holz Racing. Check out the 110' RZR Jump in St. Anthony, Halloween in Glamis, duneFest in Oregon, the Moab UTV Rally, Terrible's 250 Desert Race, WORCS Racing and the Hayabusa and R1 powered UTV's at the "SideXSide Mania Invitational" shoot out in Glamis. Great fun at the Highlifter "MudNationals"! This is a gear head video with lots of tech tips and discussion about how people modify their UTV's. Fun for the whole family and over 2 hours long with NO headbangin music!

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Manga Mania - Day 280 of Project 365

Manga Mania - Day 280 of Project 365

On my way home from work tonight I sat next to this guy. He was thoroughly enjoying the manga he was reading and didn't even notice the weird foreign guy next to him sticking a lens in his face.
It always amazes me how many people like reading comics in Japan. And it's not just the guys. Lots of Mie's friends like reading manga. I just don't get it personally but then again most people don't get the enjoyment in throwing yourself down a mountain on a mountain bike and almost killing yourself in the process. Each to their own.

new addition

new addition

in a fit of euphoric bicycle mania fueled by the anticipation of a sizable tax refund (to be in my possession 02/06 via direct deposit) i decided to snatch up this super sweet soma single speed 29er. i still can't believe i did it... it's my second midnight silver soma in as many months, but it was a great deal and i've always wanted a single speed juice... so... i have one! i did a bmx loop at the nut on it yesterday and it felt GREAT!

mountain bike mania

mountain bike mania

Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor - Mens Black

Log every mile and every minute with FR60, a sleek fitness watch plus workout tool that tracks your time, heart rate and calories burned. When bundled with the wireless foot pod, FR60 also tracks speed and distance, indoors or out. Use FR60's training tools to get the most out of your workout. Then, FR60 wirelessly sends your workout data to your computer for later analysis. Includes FR60 Heart rate monitor and quick start manual ANT+ stick not included Easy-to-use fitness watch for indoor and outdoor use Can be used for running, cycling and other fitness activities Water resistant to 50 meters Sleek and stylish Virtual Partner ANT+ technology: Wirelessly connect to heart rate monitor, foot pod and speed cadence sensor, then share fitness data with your computer Watch features: ANT+ fitness equipment compatible, ANT+ weight scale compatible, two time zones, alarms, 15 hrs / 100 lap memory, configurable training pages with auto scroll, Auto Lap, heart rate zones, alerts and interval work-outs Battery life: One year, user-replaceable coin cell battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts over 1,000+ charges

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450 motocross bike

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